Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron became one of the most talked about athlete's in the country Tuesday night after his weekly conversation with The Game.

Practically every media outlet in the county has discussed his comments on the lack of leadership on this year's Crimson Tide football team. From to Fox Sports, there isn't a lack of coverage on what was said. But were his comments as negative as many are making them out to be?

You can hear the two most controversial clips in the video above and hear the full context of the interview here:

The comments have drawn so much attention that AJ McCarron was the most talked about topic on Facebook, even beating out the Ebola virus.

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The subject was brought up during the SEC Teleconference as well on Wednesday morning. Nick Saban addressed the leadership issue by saying, "I don't know how AJ would really know, but I don't necessarily see that as the case."

But the discussion isn't going to stop there. McCarron will return to The Game on Wednesday night to further discuss his comments.

So after what you've seen and heard so far, do you think media and fans are making too much out of what was said?

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