Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron is making his return to Tuscaloosa but not as a football player. 

The Cincinnati Bengal is a partner in one of the newest restaurants opening up downtown, Ajian Sushi, which plays off the quarterback's name. It's set to become Tuscaloosa's first 'build-your-own' sushi restaurant.

According to the CW, the plan is to make this the first of several locations around the state and they hope to open sometime this summer. The restaurant idea was conceived by Cincinnati native Pete Zimmer, who decided to open it here while visiting his son at The University of Alabama.

He connected with McCarron after running into his teammate and Alabama native Michael Johnson. Once the quarterback heard the idea, he was immediately interested.

Ajian Sushi will be located at 1914 University Blvd, which is across the street  from Hooligans and Innisfree.

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