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The Supreme Court is taking a look at sentencing laws after the July 2011 arrest of Lee Carroll Brooker, who was given life in prison for possession of marijuana. Brooker is said to have been growing three dozen marijuana plants for his own medicinal use.

Now, whether or not the fact that he is 76 years old plays a role in the look into sentencing laws is unknown. But what is known is that if lawmakers are looking into this as being a case of excessive punishment, now is the time for us to force them to look into the sentencing for all non-violent drug offenses, especially since we already have the problem of prison overcrowding.

We all know at least one person who is providing labor to the government as a result of using or providing others with the God-given herb that has proven to be medicinal. Now, neither tobacco use nor growth is illegal after a certain age. Additionally, alcohol may be consumed and made for personal consumption. But marijuana can't? It's understandable MAYBE for distribution to be illegal, but when it comes to possession for personal consumption.... It way beyond time for a change.

And I don't even smoke! But I see how laws regarding the herb affects our community.