"This is my father. I don’t have kind words to say like most of the posts you are seeing on Facebook this morning; he abandoned me and my mom when I was 7 years old. No visits, not a penny of child support. But, in an odd way, good things came through the very hard times."

This was the opening of a Facebook post where the Southeast's favorite meteorologist invited fans to a book signing for his autobiography.

Just that much revelation hints at a good read, full of emotions.  It seems that when successful people expose their scars or the trials they overcame to reach their full potential, it makes them a bit less idolized and more so relative, which transforms idolization to appreciation.

So, how do we get our copies of the book?  That information has not yet been released.  However, following James Spann on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter would be a good way to keep up with new developments.

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