Sources report that a 2-year-old boy got trapped inside a hot vehicle and died Friday.

His parents, Melinda and Robert King, are said to have been asleep under the influence of marijuana when the baby left the home and managed to get himself into a vehicle from which he could not escape.

Because the outside temperature was around 94 degrees, the temperature inside the vehicle is believed to have been approximately 116 degrees.

Sad story all the way around...

But HOW did a 2-year-old get into a closed vehicle?

The average height of a child that age ranges from 34.9 inches to 37.4 inches. Source. So, the height of the handle on the car is probably reachable, but what about the weight of the door? Most 2-year-olds don't have the strength to pull open AND CLOSE a car door.

Now, if the vehicle was operable by the touch of a button like a mini van or hatchback SUV, it's possible. If not....

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