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Saban retires. DeBoer gets hired.

Half the team enters the transfer portal.

OK, it just seems that way.

I truly wondered how teammates would react to all of this transfer portal action.

It doesn't seem like you are giving new Head Coach Kalen DeBoer much of a chance.

He just walked in the door. Or flew into Tuscaloosa National Airport.

I wonder if these players in the portal even had a conversation with the new coach.

It could not have been a long one.

Finally, here comes some football players saying what they think about the exodus via the transfer portal.

Alabama Offensive Lineman Tyler Booker had some interesting thoughts on the players leaving on the portal.

*From X/Twitter/Sidelines Bama  

Alabama DB Devonta Smith didn't try to sugarcoat his feelings.

By the way, what are the odds we would have two guys named Devonta Smith within a few years of each other?


No, Smith called these players leaving for other schools "idiots" and a few other things.  


*From X/Twitter/Barstool Bama

The key quote, in my opinion, is "We don't need them".

I agree.

We need players that are sold on the program.

These guys need to be fully invested in the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Half-hearted is no heart at all.

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