Well, Alabama is simply ruling TikTok this year.

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The newest star is a gorgeous girl from, of course, Alabama (where else?) is going viral with a new video all over social media.

I guess the pretty little Alabama girl has, one of the most-hated/talked-about men online, Andrew Tate, to thank for the attention.

Tate is a huge social media influencer/star and has been called a "cult-like figure" leading "lost, loser men" to toxic blah blah blah. I understand why many ladies take issue with Andrew Tate.


@amwoodstock #stitch with @tommythanhbui Alabama girl seems sweet tho fr fr #tate #andrewtate #topg ♬ Tourner Dans Le Vide - Indila

*Video from @amwoodstock/TikTok


By the way, is Andrew Tate from Birmingham, Alabama or Birmingham, England (sister cities by the way)??  

@muzman17 Andrew Tate finally explains his weird accent #tatenetwork10 #andrewtate #accent #birminghamuk #birminghamalabama #uk #us #fypage #fyp ♬ original sound - Muzman17

*Video from @muzman17/TikTok

Just, try and understand that it is probably an act. At least a large, large percentage anyway.

In the Summer of 2022, Tate was banned from Instagram (he has almost 5 million followers) for good after "violating policies on hate speech". Funny how some "hate" is allowed or encouraged but others are banned forever.

In addition, every once in a while, Tate makes a good point. In the eyes of most males at least.

Are we fellas not allowed to have someone that speaks up for us?

His videos on TikTok have more than 13 billion views and now a gorgeous Alabama girl is sending him to even higher numbers.

He is also under a bizarre criminal investigation after moving to Romania in the last year.

Authorities raided his home in relation to a human trafficking investigation.

NOW, does this young lady actually "crush" Tate? Well, many think so.

So, get ready for a young lady getting worldwide attention, and she is from our great state, ALABAMA.

@tommythanhbui Do you think cute Alabama girl will agree that I’m the Top G? 👀 Cute Alabama girl thoughts on Andrew Tate🐐 @Marie Trent @Your Friend Trey #andrewtate#topg#tate#alabama#girl#fyp#viral♬ Tourner Dans Le Vide - Indila
*Video from tommythanbui/TikTok
C'mon man, you must admit, regardless of your views on this Andrew Tate dude, she is pretty hot.

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