We are now living in the last days of the Church Age, The Dispensation of Grace, or The End Time, and now is the time that we must come into the knowledge that our strength as an End Time or a Last Days spiritual soldier in God's Army depends upon our knowledge of The Truth. What is the Truth? The Word of God!

How many of you know that Jesus is invulnerable, Jesus is unconquerable, He is unbeatable, and untouchable to all of Satan's threats because His mind is girded with Truth.

Jesus defeated Satan at Calvary because His mind was fixed with the truth. Jesus know He was the Son of God. He actually knew the truth concerning God's Will.

For us today to be the same powerful spiritual warrior as Jesus we must have our minds girded, we must have our mind fixed with the truth, God's Word. Truth is Power! What is the Truth? God's Word! Who is the truth? Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.