Lord yes, this is why I love the south.

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This is something you could easily see, RIGHT HERE IN ALABAMA, let's be honest.

We have more fun than everyone else!

Commuters headed down the interstate in Florida, had to do a double-take after seeing an SUV with a GATOR on the rear.

That's right, a gator attached to the bumper.

Not just any gator either. We're talking about a BIG gator.

It was caught on camera getting a lift, I guess you could say, on the back of an SUV in the middle of the afternoon.

Reported by television station WKMG, the giant reptilian creature was seen on I-95 in Brevard County.

The photos came from a local resident named Karen Kress.

Karen told NBC station WESH-TV, "It was definitely real, I have to assume it was legally hunted".

Are you ready to see this? Here goes....

A bizarre image posted to social media appears to show an alligator strapped to the tailgate of an SUV in Brevard County

*Photo credit: Karen Kress

The person who posted the pictured said there appeared to be blood coming from the gator's tail end

*Photo credit: Karen Kress

Yes, that's a gator strapped to an SUV going down the highway.

What else would you expect in the south? And in Florida?


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