Last Saturday, I stopped into an antique store in Coker on my way back from the Chickenfest Mule Day in Gordo.

Sitting on top of some other items in an old chair at the back of the store was a wire- handled produce basket. I absently picked it up to move out of the way and was surprised at the weight. Inside were several plastic pouches that were yellowed from age. After a closer examination, I realized they were caps (?) that once belonged to a veteran who served in WWI.

'We found those in a box of estate items we purchased from an auction. Can you believe that,' Michelle, the nice woman behind the counter called out after she noticed what I was holding. I asked if I could remove the plastic cover and take pictures in the hopes of finding out who the items once belonged to. She obliged and we both grew excited at the prospect of identifying our veteran.

Do you know anything about these caps? The company? The individual who owned these has a name that deserves to be known. Would you help us honor his service by giving his back to him?