Beyonce and Jay Z have purchased a home in New Orleans, according to one source.

I just came back from New Orleans on a "girls trip."  On one of our previous trips, my sister and I took a "horse"-drawn tour through the city. Our guide, Colin B. Tyler, knew so much about various buildings that when we returned with our girls late last month, we went to find him to take a tour again.

At the time we came, he'd just gotten a full load and said we could come back at a specified time, but we ended up doing something else.  Had I known that Beyonce and Jay Z had purchased a home in New Orleans, I might have made sure we took the tour and asked if he knew where the house is.

I think this might be on my list of things to do for my next trip. Click here for the slideshow of the home and its interior. (Note: It is NOT indicated that these pictures depict the way they've furnished the home.)