Friday, August 12th, Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa participated in a block party inside a Tuscaloosa neighborhood and provided resources, food, and more to community members.

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Hay Court is a community known in Tuscaloosa for crime but Shelton State Community College, Tuscaloosa PARA, and other community organizations wanted to prove that the residents of Hay Court deserved positive attention after being neglected for some time.

The event was the finale of the Friday Night Live series started earlier this summer by PARA and Shelton State Community College.


It featured live music, free food provided by Spades Restaurant, free books from the Literacy Council of West Alabama, games for the kids, prizes, and free school supplies.

"The children in that area have experienced so much trauma," said Joseph Eatmon, Dean of Community Relations at Shelton State.

"It’s important that they know there are people out there that care about them and will be there for them"

Eatmon was sure to mention how well the kids behaved while at Friday Night Live in Hay Court.

Being out there and seeing how well-behaved and appreciative those kids were made it special! And it’s important that they know they are special."

The event served over 200 kids in the Hay Court community as well as parents.

Eatmon gave an example of why the children of Hay Court need more events like Friday Night Live.


"A moment that made me laugh and almost cry is when while talking to Que with PARA and a young lady asked, “When are you all coming back?”

Que responded “Soon”.

The young lady then said, “Please come back soon. Don’t wait a whole year like everyone else”.

"It's evident that these young people need us and we plan to be there for them," Eatmon said.

Check out pictures from the Friday Night Live event in Hay Court below.


Friday Night Live @ Hay Court 8/12/22

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