Okay, it's the weekend and the local forecast is a wet one, with lots of clouds and scattered rain. I say, fine with me!  But, why?  You may be surprised.  

Sure, we would all prefer a nice, warm and sunny weekend. So, why would I think it's a good thing for a total washout with rain? It's simple. I'm not thinking about whether or not it's sunny, cloudy or rainy. Rather, I'm thankful for such a quiet month of March when it comes to severe weather.

If you've lived in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area for awhile, you know this month marks the start of our spring severe weather season. As much as we love the area, we run the risk of having threatening severe thunderstorms and worse, destructive tornadoes.

Do you realize, as we move into the last week of the month, there hasn't been a single tornado or severe thunderstorm watch issued. Zero.  What's even more surprising, there hasn't been a single tornado or severe thunderstorm watch issued in the United States this month. Really. The entire country, none. Zero. It's more than unusual, it has never happened before.

Greg Carbin, who serves as a warning coordination meteorologist for the Storm Prediction Center commented:

This has never happened in the record of SPC watches dating back to 1970. We are in uncharted territory with respect to lack of severe weather.

There is no one clear reason to explain the lack of tornadoes. We're in a persistent pattern that suppresses severe weather, and the right ingredients -- moisture, instability, and lift -- have not been brought together in any consistent way so far this year.

So, it may be a little wet this weekend around town, let's be thankful for the weather we really don't want.  Look at the National Weather Service map below for the month of March.  ZERO watches.  Nice!


This weather chart plotting the frequency of Severe Thunderstorms and Tornado Warnings is a stunning sight, 2015 is far below years past.

This weather geek is amazed. It may be quiet, but we should always be prepared.  See our Severe Weather Guide with lots of helpful tips.