Nick Saban strikes me as a guy that can use words to slice and dice anyone that gets on his bad side.

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One of my favorite Alabama players, Najee Harris, told quite a story about Coach Saban during a recent media appearance.

Strong words from Najee Harris about the coach considered the greatest of all time.

According to Najee, Coach Saban had never really had a player quite like him.

Nick Saban is the definition of intense competitor. It's the reason, I believe, at his age and with his stellar resume the desire to keep going is so strong.


He is competitive irregardless of the competition at hand.

I don't care if it's a game of H-O-R-S-E on a basketball court, as many close to him have told me.

I admire anyone great at their craft and especially in the world of coaching.

Some of my favorite coaches, Jimmy Johnson, Bill Belichick (a close buddy of Saban's) and Woody Hayes to name a few.

I read Jimmy Johnson's autobiography and he talks about treating players, ALL PLAYERS, completely different.

His example was the way he would cut a 3rd-string linebacker that fell asleep during a meeting.

HOWEVER, if Emmitt Smith or Troy Aikman, fall asleep in a meeting, he would take him aside (privately) and say "Hey man, can you try not to fall asleep during a meeting? All the younger guys are looking up to you."

The bottom line is that Coach Saban worked hard, in Najee's words, to understand him and truly get to know him.

From that moment on they were rock solid.

It may have started out rough but the relationship between Nick Saban and Najee Harris is strong to this day.

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