The Blue Angels will bring their high-flying show to Tuscaloosa on March 28-29 and you'll have a chance to see the most incredible group of pilots in the world. 

If you haven't ever seen the Blue Angels in person, prepare to be amazed. The raw power and speed of these fighter jets is unlike anything you've experienced. Plus, the pilots, who each possess at least 1,250 tactical flight-hours, are flawless in their execution.

While 99.9% of us will have to enjoy the view from the ground, you can see what it looks like inside the cockpit by watching the video above. Be ready for plenty of quick movements, flips, upside-down flying, and more as you watch these guys take flight during an air show.

Make plans to join us out at the Tuscaloosa Regional Air Show later this month for one of the region's coolest events.