First Snow For A Former Floridian In Alabama

History has officially been made in Alabama. This former Floridian experienced his first snow right here in Alabama!

Ok so this may not be a huge deal for you, but for me, I'm still hyped about it! Yesterday I experienced snow for the first time in my life! I grew up in Florida and spent my whole life there. After 31 years of seeing snow on video games, the television, and my friend's Instagram pages, I finally saw it for myself.

At the start of the week, we could all tell the temperature had dropped significantly. There was talk about possible sleet, and maybe even some snow flurries but I honestly paid it no attention. This is my second year living in Alabama and after last year I gave up hope of seeing snow. Yesterday caught me completely by surprise. As my wife and I were riding in the car she said "Is that snow?!" After blowing it off, I looked a little closer and actually saw it hit the hood of the car. I was too hyped!!

I can tell I'm really an Alabamian now because the first thing I did was go over to James Spann's Instagram page to see if he had more footage of snow. After seeing it was snowing in Birmingham, we somehow ended up in Jefferson County and I was mesmerized. I pulled the car over and just watched the snowfall to the ground. I really heard Christmas music playing in my head and envisioned myself on a snow sled with my family.


As a former Floridian, I'm willing to accept that I'm overly excited about the snow. If we ever get a few inches of snow like Tennessee and other states, I would lose my mind!

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