The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that a second wave of the novel coronavirus would be far worse because it will probably coincide with the start of flu season. Source.

The flu claims numerous lives each year, even though vaccines have been developed to decrease the likelihood of contracting various strains each year and to alleviate aggressiveness of the flu if contracted.

Even still, there are people who don't get the flu shot, as it contains a small portion of the virus, which allows the body to develop antibodies against it.

Right now, we know the dangers of COVID-19 and its ability to be extremely hazardous.  So, we are taking major precautions, as there is no cure and vaccines have not been adequately tested.

Does the possibility of contracting both the flu and COVID-19 make more people consider getting the flu shot, or should the same precautionary measures being taken for the novel coronavirus also prevent contraction of the flu?

What are your thoughts?

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