Discrimination is an everyday occurrence with many of us. The APA Stress in America Survey found that Americans think they have been discriminated against. Individuals from ethnic or racial origins were most likely to report instances of day-to-day discrimination. However, according to data, others feel they have been singled out because of such factors as age, gender, education, weight or income.

We can define discrimination as the unfair or prejudicial treatment of any individual and/or group based upon characteristics such as race, gender, age or sexual orientation. This practice is a public health issue. According to the Stress in America Survey, individuals who indicate that they have faced discrimination rate their stress levels higher, on average, than those who indicate they have not experienced this concept.

Though  microaggressions are many times subtle, they can be just as harmful to health and well-being as more overt examples of major bias. The increased watchfulness is a recipe for chronic stress.

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