For the past few months, my sister and I have been discussing how we take pictures wherever we go, but they always end up stored in our phones or some other form of digital storage. She made the statement, "When our kids grow up, what will they have to serve as reminders?" I know how much I enjoy looking at old photos. So, I've decided to start printing my pictures, those shared on social media as well as those that aren't.

Of course, there are numerous services that print and mail photos for small fees.  For instance, Snapfish will print 4x6 photos for $.09, and they also offer other sizes for various prices. Others like mpix, take it a step further and turn pictures into wall art. While these services are nice for more extensive projects, I prefer the convenience of picking up my pictures locally. While Walmart prints 4x6 photos for $.09 as well, I found that Walgreens allows me to create an account, upload my pictures, and pick them up when they're ready.  I don't have to go into a store to drop off a storage device, and right now, they're running a special on 4x6 photos. When you order 150 or more, they're $.09 each.

Considering the fact that I have YEARS worth of pictures, 150 is NOTHING! They also have the option of picking up the pictures in as little as one hour. However, since some of these pictures have been in my phone or other devices since as early as 2011, having them printed that quickly isn't all that important to me. What IS important to me is that I have these memories in an album for future generations to enjoy.  Times and technology will always change, but memories and moments in time can last forever with just a little effort.