WBC World Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder is proud to call Tuscaloosa his home, and it's time the City of Champions made a bid for the Bronze Bomber's next fight to be right here in his hometown.

On Saturday night, Deontay defended his title in a fight against Artur Szpilka at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The fight lasted for nine rounds until Deontay delivered a punishing blow that knocked Szpilka out cold. Deontay straight up knocked that dude into next week. Just watch.

They carried Szpilka out ON A STRETCHER. Deontay, as he always does, took care of business in the ring. He's now 36-0, with 35 KO's.

I watched Deontay's fight Saturday night, and I heard the crowd boo him several times. Most of the spectators at the event were there to support Szpilka, and as I heard the crowd boo, I kept thinking that there should be more people in that arena cheering for Deontay.

There should be an entire arena of people cheering for Deontay, and that's why I think his next fight should be in Tuscaloosa. Full disclosure: I don't know anything about how fight sites are chosen, and there are probably many factors of which I am unaware.

But the fact remains: Tuscaloosa needs to support its Champion. As the WBC World Heavyweight Champ, Deontay could live and train anywhere he wanted--and he chooses to stay here. That's incredible.

Deontay's had a title fight in Birmingham, and I think T-Town should step up and be next. He's had fights in the past at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater; why not have the fight at Coleman Coliseum? Heck, if we don't have an adequate venue we should build one in Deontay's honor.

Just look at the picture above. It's a pre-fight pic meant to generate publicity for the event. Deontay could have worn anything he wanted, and he chose to wear crimson and white. He wore an Alabama hat because he's proud to be from Tuscaloosa.

Let's show him how proud we are of him.