We are often told to prepare for the lives we want, whether it be purchasing furniture for the home we want, dressing for the job we plan to have, or clearing off the other side of the bed to make room for a future partner (yes ladies, we know).

Most often when it comes to relationships, we're encouraged to rid our lives of the unnecessary baggage that prevents us from developing something meaningful with another person.  Of course, this applies to both sexes; but it is most often directed towards women.

So, it's quite refreshing to see a man who says he started preparing for his wife long before she came along.  It's no secret that former Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams has a very spiritual background.  While with the group, she was very vocal about her faith, she always had a more conservative outfit than her band mates, and after the group broke up, she started making gospel music.

Well, her fiance Chad Johnson is a pastor and chaplain; and according to an article in The Knot, Johnson explained how he paid every month for a ring, though he had no specific person in mind as the recipient.  He just knew the woman who would receive it would be deserving of it.

Now, THAT is blind faith! Johnson didn't know who or when his future wife would come along, but he prepared for the moment he'd ask her to be his forever.  He prepared for 11 years! Read more of the full story.

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