Anybody who is even remotely into gospel music has heard about the Le'Andria Johnson debacle by now.  For those who haven't, here's a brief rundown of what's going on.

Last week, Le'Andria publicly vented her frustrations with Christianity and Pastor Marvin Winans.  Her tirades included quite a few "colorful" words.  Perhaps the biggest gaffe was when she exclaimed, "F*** Christianity!" as well as "Shout out to those who know the truth."

What's interesting is that her claim to fame was a gospel singing competition. Subsequently, she "accepted her calling into ministry" and became a pastor. Since that time, she has raised a few eyebrows with her actions like giving people cigarettes.  As a result of the latest controversy, she was removed for the lineup at Essence Festival and has released a few more videos, where she apologizes for her language and attempts to explain what she meant by the things she said.  Click here for more details.

Now, this is not to pass judgment on her or to make any insinuation, but her words towards her system of theology would cause one to think, “Was she just in it for the recognition?”

If a person not acknowledging your presence can make you that mad, did you ever believe what you taught?

People are definitely entitled to make mistakes, and no one is without sin. Sure, we are to forgive; but it’s important to remember that forgiveness is more for the person issuing it than the one to whom it is extended.  It also doesn’t indicate the need for further contact with the offender.

So, what are your thoughts?  Did she run out?  Should her “fans” still buy her music?  Is she still seen as a good leader in the church?

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