A racial discrimination suit has been filed against The Cypress Inn, because of allegations that the restaurant had canceled a private party after discovering that majority of party goers were going to be predominately black.

The suit was filed by an alumni group of Kappa Alpha Psi, a predominantly black fraternity.

The suit filed last month in U.S. District court, not only claims racial discrimination, but also seeks monetary compensation for financial losses Kappa Alpha Psi members say they incurred, when they were forced to move their event to another, less popular location.

According to the documents, the group made their initial plans on Dec. 15 and paid a $1,500 reservation fee to The Cypress Inn for a social event planned for February 23, 2018. The Cypress Inn refunded the money to the fraternity and they held the event elsewhere.

The Cypress Inn calls the discrimination allegations "completely untrue."  Cypress Inn owner Renea Henson said in a statement to The Tuscaloosa News, “The Cypress Inn made the decision not to host this public party after consulting with the firm that provides security advice and services to the Cypress Inn. Our outside security firm recommended against hosting the party because the fraternity was proposing to sell tickets to the public and our security firm strongly recommended against hosting that type party out of concern for public safety.” 

Henson also added that, “We look forward to presenting the complete facts to the court and we are confident we will prevail.”

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