When the news first broke that Alabama's First Lady Diane Bentley filed for divorce from the governor, it came as a shock! What could cause the end of a 50-year marriage?

The governor HAS asked for privacy for his family concerning this matter.  However, the question has been raised that if he cannot manage his own household, how can he effectively run an entire state?  Does the idea of a failed marriage indicate a lack of morality?  If so, how does this affect the public view of his stance on a number of moral issues?  If Gov. Bentley participated in an extramarital affair as speculated by Legal Schnauzer, will this have change the way he is viewed by his supporters?  Will trust be lost, or is it understood that he is simply a man?

The Bentleys in happier times. (photo credit: Facebook)

What we do know is that it takes more than flaring tempers to end a 50-year marriage and that sometimes what goes on behind closed doors is a vast difference from what is displayed in the public eye.