What is wrong with people?

The Tuscaloosa Police Department had to step in and repo a cute little Yorkie this week.

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Dogs are not supposed to be taken away by the repo man.

How is that even possible? According to the Tuscaloosa Police Department, they received a report that some idiot (my word, not theirs) had purchased an adorable Yorkie puppy dog, using a FORGED check.

A check that also turned out to be stolen. What a great guy or gal.

The investigators with the Criminal Investigations Division had to go hunt down the offender AND the Yorkie

From Tuscaloosa Police Dept. Facebook
From Tuscaloosa Police Dept. Facebook


The Tuscaloosa P.D. found the individual and the adorable little pup. Nice work TPD! After playing with the little guy and taking a few photos, they returned the Yorkie back to the family that owned the dog in the first place.

I don't know the price for the dog but I researched the average price for Yorkie puppies. According to several ads the average price for a Yorkie is between $1,500 and $3,000. How do you handle your finances?

As for me, I consider that much money a fairly big purchase. I am not gonna even look at the puppies unless I am certain I can afford one.

I'm willing to bet most of us agree. Owning a pet is a big deal that requires some planning, thought and resources.

My "PET PEEVE" is people that buy a dog or cat, on a whim, and then they really do not want the animal.

I can't stand those kind of stories or this kind of story. Way to go whoever you are. You put the little dog through unnecessary trauma.

You caused the Tuscaloosa Police Department to waste VALUABLE time during a violent crime week.

I hope the authorities do the right thing and make you pay for it all.

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