Having lived a great deal of my early life in Chicago before moving to the rural Aliceville, Ala., I can honestly say there are some things I like about both city and country living. I think Tuscaloosa is a happy medium for me, but I still like to do things a bit more extreme on both ends of the spectrum, and this Sunday I found myself doing something I never thought about doing: shucking corn.

After church Sunday, I went to visit my grandparents before going to Sawyerville. While there, my grandmother called me outside.  She didn't care about the fact that I had on heels or that I had somewhere to go. She said she had a job for me to do.

So, I go to the table on the patio, and she says, "We're about to shuck some corn."

Who? Me?

I tell her, "I don't mind shucking it if you show me how."

"You ain't never shucked no corn?"


"How old are you?"


"And ain't never shucked no corn?"


Then, she went on to talk about how she's grateful for her country upbringing. Even though she lived in Chicago for 50 years, she still lived a country lifestyle. "I guess you can take the girl out the country, but you can't take the country out the girl.'

That's TRUE.  Once you get a taste of the country life, it's kinda hard to let it go. My next goal for my house is to hang a tire from a tree. I'm raising my daughter to enjoy the simple things in life.  She may seek life in the city when she gets older, but there will always be a joy for life's simplicities in her heart.