Tuscaloosa is home to beautiful river banks, beautiful trophies and beautiful people but nothing is more stunning then seeing the sun rise over the city.

Here are ten places to add to your bucket list of places to catch an early morning sunrise. Some areas may require authorization so be sure to check before loading up your camera equipment!

  • 1

    The Black Warrior River

    I can vouch for this location as a premium spot to watch the sun peek above Tuscaloosa's treeline! Pull into Manderson Landing and walk out to the peer.

    Happy snapping!

  • 2

    Byrant Denny Stadium

    Many 'Bama fans have seen the sun set from Bryant Denny but I wonder how many have seen it rise?

    Adding this to my bucket list!

  • 3

    Woods & Water

    Perched atop Skyland Boulevard, the parking lot of Woods & Water has provided a front seat to many eyewitnesses for severe weather events but I bet seeing the sunrise would be amazing.

  • 4

    Highway 216

    Pick any spot along state Route 216 which begins in eastern Tuscaloosa at University Boulevard and Veterans' Memorial Drive.

    HWY 216 crosses over Interstate 20/59, U.S. Highway 11 and State Route 5 in Bucksville, just short of the Tuscaloosa-Jefferson county line.

  • 5

    Moundville State Park

    Moundville Archaeological Park sits along the banks of the Black Warrior River in Hale County, near the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.



  • 6

    Lake Nicol

    Lake Nicol is an easily accessible, well-maintained, and popular wooded park on a substantial lake.

    In addition to attracting eager bird watchers, the pier also promises beautiful mornings.

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