Gubernatorial candidate Lindy Blanchard graduated from Auburn University.

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She is a multi-millionaire due to her career in Real Estate, and she wants to replace Kay Ivey.

She is an EXTREMELY Pro-Life candidate. Maybe one of the most Pro-Life candidates ever in Alabama politics.

This morning, she did an interview on the top-rated morning program, Steve & DC on WFFN-FM (95.3 The Bear), and shocked her Auburn family and fellow grads with her comments.

Hear the interview BELOW

Lindy and her husband have adopted six children in the last twenty years. She also served as an ambassador to Slovenia under former President Trump.

Lindy, as you hear in the interview, made strong comments on the baby formula shortage and on illegal immigrants coming to Alabama.

Blanchard says if she was governor, she'd be using her business resources to handle getting formula shipped to Alabama.

She went on to say that she would not allow any incoming flights of illegals into any Alabama airports.

In keeping with the 2022 election campaign theme, Lindy Blanchard, can be seen shooting a gun in ads as well as on her website.

It appears that you can not run for any office in the state without shooting a weapon in an ad.

Blanchard seems to be a longshot to upset Ivey in the race today, but anything is possible. Tim James is also trailing in most polls as of May 23, 2022.

Either way, I believe most of us are ready to vote and then get a well-deserved break from the crowd of political ads everywhere we turn.

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