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The church and the pandemic it's a common question that many churches are facing today to allow in person worship or to continue to go virtually.

Many churches in Tuscaloosa area in West Alabama have started in person worship of course with a restrictions with mask being mandated as well as hand sanitizer being available in the sanctuary. Many local church members are at a crossroads some are doing a blend of virtual services and in person worship.

Some Tuscaloosa congregations have now started back in person worship for example College Hill Baptist Church, Friendship Baptist Church and even Grace Presbyterian Church have now started in person worship services in the month of July. If you are going back to in person worship I have some tips to keep you safe and to be able to worship the Lord without feeling that you are being offensive.

Wear your mask as a safety precaution while in worship. Next hand sanitize and wash your hands before and after services. Allow some space in the sanctuary if possible stay six feet away and skip a pew if you can.  Churches should also you have great ventilation systems in their churches and use air conditioning and sanitize all microphones, musical equipment and the entire building. If you're sick stay home and get tested and get the vaccine where available.

Churches should modify the methods used to receive financial contributions. Consider a stationary collection box, the main, or electronic methods of collection regular financial contributions instead of shared collection trays or baskets. Churches should limit hand shaking and touching until the pandemic is completely over. It is encouraged that churches  train all clergy and staff in all safety actions. Consider conducting the training virtually, or in-person. You can also post signs in the foyer and sanctuary of the church to let people know on how they can stay safe during the pandemic while in worship.

As we continue to worship during the pandemic and even after the pandemic please follow all safety and health precautions and chick with your Church administration and the CDC for more guidance on your worship services in West Alabama.

Serve the Lord and be safe! Let me know in the comments below will are you attending service in person or virtually.

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