OK, this is wild.

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I have heard of white alligators, or Albino alligators.

This is just crazy to see.

Albino alligators hatching caught on video.

You must admit that is pretty incredible to see on video.

It got me thinking about other animals being "hatched" and caught on tape.

Of course, I found some for you. And me.

*Video from This Is Happening/Youtube

Of course, while we are focused on tiny things, this led me to this below.

Now, get ready for the coolest (or one of) video you have ever been lucky enough to watch. READY? Watch it now.

*Video from A Chick Called Albert/Youtube

That was amazing to see. How can you wonder if God is real after seeing this stuff?

That is something I will truly never understand. That video above is just so cool. Especially, when he finds the heartbeat that first time. If you didn't catch it, watch it again.

Then you have this guy getting bit by a python in the face.

It does tie into eggs and it's pretty funny.

*Video from JayPrehistoricPets/Youtube

Like my mama always said, "SON, When you play with pythons you're gonna get bit in the face"!

My mom was strange with her sayings.

And the best for last.

Maybe one of the most disturbing videos I can show you.

The emerald wasp vs. the cockroach.

It is brutal and amazing to watch.

Here it is.

*Video from Team Candiru/Youtube

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