Rodrick Grant (Rod) is gospel and Christian recording artist from Birmingham, Alabama and was born April 8th to two of his biggest inspirations; Psalmist/Vocalist Tina R. Grant (McClurkin) and Singer/Songwriter/ Gospel Artist Bishop Gerry Grant. He is a father of three amazing children, Kiaira, Cameron, and Cassandra; and a husband to his  beautiful wife Tyesha.

Grant's family has always had a passion for music. Growing up, his parents always had something musically for them to do in the church. From singing or playing instruments in the church and school choirs, to becoming the keyboardist and Music Minister of his home church, Woodlawn Deliverance Temple and forming a gospel music group called "Fruit Of God"

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Other than his parents and family, the inspiration for writing and recording his new song with his good friend Byron Dixon who came from his willingness and faith to overcome procrastination. Rod has always wanted his voice and what God has given him to be heard across the world and inspire others to seek Christ; however, his private struggle with low self-esteem, doubt, and fear of what others would think of him caused him to hesitate. It wasn't until during the current pandemic in 2020, Grant read in Matthew 21 how Jesus cursed the fig tree for not bearing fruit that gave him the courage to overcome his distractions. Rod refused to be that fig tree. He knew it was God, because confirmation came through his wife, listening to several pastors online and his pastor during a Sunday worship service.

Rod Grant's goal is to minister through what God has given him. He prays that the words, the music, and the anointing will encourage others and give them the confidence to breakthrough the distractions and pursue the promise God has in stored for their lives. Grant's passion is for souls to be saved in Jesus name.

Rod Grant's current single "I'm A Conqueror" is available now on all digital platforms today.


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