What in the world is happening to people?

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I have lived in Alabama since 1988 and I never dreamed these problems would show up in Dixieland.

Halloween candy tainted with fentanyl was a real threat across the USA.

Drug cartels were reportedly trying to inject the deadly drug into candy coming across the border.

Why? Who really knows?

Will Alabama kids really do just about anything to get a high/thrill/stimulation?

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

Yes, that's right.

What happened to pixie sticks?

Have you noticed that you can not find those powder-filled candies in any retailers?

I have, and it made me wonder why they are no longer available.

A trend that began in the early 2010's saw students, in Alabama, crushing and snorting candy was featured in a USA Today piece.

Smarties, pixie sticks and even Kool-Aid packets according to a story on AL.com, that quoted the coordinator of the Shelby County Drug Free Coalition Project Safe Place Programs of Family Connection Inc. (is that the LONGEST organization name ever???), Carol Williams, saying "It's not a narcotic of any sort. They are not getting high".

Social DANG media is to blame for lots of this mess that impacts our children.

Sorry, it's just a fact.

TikTok challenges that are whack. YouTube videos on every subject you can dream up.

It never ends. EVER.

Obviously, asthma attacks have been one of the most often reported issues.

I just do not understand the idea of snorting, smoking or crushing something that will not cause euphoria of any kind.

I must be getting too old for the drugs of today.

Parents, keep an eye on the Halloween candy and your kids.

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