It's now been confirmed that one of the dead bodies found at the suspects house is a 14-year-old boy.


As a father of two little girls (they will always be little to me) this story is as scary as it gets.

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Authorities in Alabama are calling a 12-year-old girl a hero, and we all should do the same.

This little girl was kidnapped in Alabama, near Auburn, and held by this sick, twisted child killer for a week.

At some point she bravely and smartly CHEWED through her restraints to get free from her captor.

This sick individual, Jose Pascual-Reyes, is a 37-year-old with more to hide in addition to this little girl.

After this brave little hero was able to get free, she was running as fast as she could away from her captors dungeon of horrors.

At some point, a driver saw her on County Rd. 34 in Dadeville, Alabama.

The deputies from Tallapoosa County were called to the scene and made sure she was given medical treatment.

Upon entering the suspects dwelling, they made a grizly discovery. They found TWO dead bodies in his Auburn home.

The bodies were decomposed and I just can not imagine the horror that this young girl endured and ultimately overcame.


I recently watched an incredible film, "The Black Phone", that is about a evil man that grabs children off the street and keeps them in his basement.

It's set back in the late 1970's when kidnapping was a huge topic in the USA.

It's not often talked about that this sort of evil still exists in 2022.

Praise GOD for the way this hero got away and exposed this sick and evil individual.

We need to be aware that people like this still watch our kids and try to take them.

Those bodies are now being examined by the Alabama Dept. of Forensic Sciences.

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