Despite all the division and uncertainty that this country is experiencing, Alabama Football has decided to come together and stand united as one.

In hopes of putting an end to the institutional racism in the world, they have one quote that they believe will incite a change. “All lives can't matter until black lives matter".

The message was written by starting left tackle, Alex Leatherwood, who isn't known to be much of a talker, but he had some very powerful words to say. 

Leatherwood opens with the following statement: "We are a team, black, white, brown." It then cuts to QB Mac Jones, who adds, "Together we are a family, we are brothers."

The players acknowledge that although they are from different states, backgrounds, and have different experiences, they have the power to shape the future.

Alabama Football coach, Nick Saban is also present in the video.

Saban believes that, "In this moment in history, we can't be silent. We must speak up for our brothers and sisters, for our sons and daughters. One heartbeat, one mission. Until I listen with an open heart and an open mind, I can't understand his experience and his pain."


Although football is a wonderful blessing to have, what is going on now is far more important than sports. These last few months have been challenging, but we must continue to be strong and show love and support for our friends, family, and members of the community. The goal isn't to ignore the past, it's to to create a legacy and a mission that will inspire those that come after us.

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