A Promise Tuscaloosa . . .

Over sixty-five million. That is the number of refugees in our country currently, people who have had to leave their homes due to conflict and persecution, and it is higher that it is higher than it has ever been. The United Nations has asked leaders to work together in receiving refugees so that every child will get an education, each adult will find meaningful employment, and every family will have a home.

This dream of making room for refugees in crisis reminds me of a promise God made to the nation of Judah, when ruthless Assyrian armies threatened their homes. The Bible indicates that the Lord commissioned the prophet Micah to warn the people that they would lose their temple and their beloved city of Jerusalem. However, God promised a beautiful future beyond the loss.

We find ourselves in the year of 2022, and a day will come when God will call the peoples of Tuscaloosa, and worldwide to Himself. Violence will end. Weapons of war will become farming tools, and every person who answers God's call will find a peaceful home and a productive life in His kingdom (Micah 4:3-4). For many in the world today, and perhaps for you, a safe place to live remains more of a dream than a reality. However,  we can rely upon God's promise of a home for people of all nations, even as we wait and work and pray for those peaceful homes to become a reality.

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