2015 saw a great deal of progress in the City of Champions, but the way I see it (and I'm sure Coach Saban would agree), there's always room for improvement. Let's talk about the restaurants Tuscaloosa NEEDS ASAP.

I'm not knocking what we've got. Tuscaloosa and Northport are filled with an astounding variety of incredible places to eat. We have so many recent additions, too--everyone from Anthony's Italian Kitchen to Milo's, from Chuy's to Post Office Pies.

It's just... I NEED to be able to eat at these restaurants without having to take a day off work to get there. Y'all feel me? These are the five restaurants Tuscaloosa NEEDS in 2016.

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    I would punch a stranger IN THE FACE for a meatloaf sandwich from Melt. They've been slinging cheesy goodness in Avondale since 2011 and making my dreams come true since the first time I ate there. It's like fancy grilled cheese--and so much more. Their tomato basil soup is to-die-for--and I don't even LIKE tomatoes. Please, Melt, open an additional location next to my house. Now.

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    Jersey Mike's

    Do y'all know about Jersey Mike's? Their sandwiches are truuuuuuth. Everything is fresh, delicious, and ugggggh--why don't we have a Jersey Mike's yet? We need something to fill the void that was left when Lenny's closed in 2013, and Jersey Mike's is JUST THE PLACE to do it.

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    The Original Pancake House

    What do I need to do to get the OG Pancake House in Tuscaloosa? What wouldn't I do? I am OBSESSED with this place. I have to go to Birmingham once a month for a doctor's appointment, and I am always begging my husband to come with so that we can go to the Original Pancake House in Five Points South. They have THE BEST pancakes in the world (and no, this is not up for debate). They even have BACON PANCAKES. I would literally eat there every day if I could. Their apple pancake defies description. Just go eat there and help me petition their corporate office to build an OG Pancake House across the street from our studios.

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    I would literally WEEP if Tuscaloosa got a Saw's. Saw's is... how do I even begin to describe Saw's to you if you've never had it before? They are doing the Lord's work. Saw's BBQ in Eddgewood, Saw's Soul Kitchen in Avondale, and Saw's Juke Joint in Crestline are all among my top 10 restaurants of all time. It's that good. I would commit highway robbery for their pork and greens. Look, I want most of these restaurants to come to town, but I can say with absolute conviction that Tuscaloosa needs a Saw's.

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    Hattie B's