Alabama head coach Nick Saban met with the media on Wednesday afternoon to discuss his team's preparations for Clemson as the team begins a 'regular work week.'

Because there's such a short turnaround between Dallas and Glendale, the Crimson Tide is treating this week like a normal week during the season in terms of its schedule and preparation. The team will practice for a few days in Tuscaloosa before flying out to Arizona on Friday.

One of the challenges this week is trying to find the right balance of work and rest, and Saban said he's tried to find that happy medium.

"We did some research on what people did a year ago that was in this position, how they prepared their team, and use some of those ideas to see if we can get the right balance and the right formula," Saban said. "But you never know until you go out there."

Saban was asked about stopping a 'fastball' offense like Clemson runs that runs a lot of plays with a dual-threat quarterback, but he said it's not much different than what they've seen a number of times this year.

"We've played against a lot of other teams like this," Saban said. "This is not like this is something that's totally new. We've probably played against 7 or 8 fastball teams all year long. We've always had a plan for how we're going to get people in and out of the game."

The press conference didn't entirely center on the upcoming game against Clemson. Saban's had to answer a question about the dance he did after the Cotton Bowl victory.

"You know, I didn't really want to dance," Saban said. "I really do have some moves. I didn't want to let them all out. I really was criticized pretty harshly by Kristen who has seen me dance before and knows I can do better. She thought my effort was not really good."

The Alabama football team travels to Glendale on Friday and plays for its 16th national championship on Monday night.