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Have you seen the picture of the animal that is supposed to be a dog, but it looks like a bear? Oh, you have to see this!


Bounce's future brighter than mine #BounceTheBog #famous #blessed

Posted by Elizabeth Maguyon on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

So, this little creature's owner says it's supposedly a Pomeranian mix, according to MSN.

Let me tell you something.... My family has owned a Pomeranian, and if this dog has ANY Pomeranian in it, they must be following the "one drop" rule. As a matter of fact, if this bear has ANY part dog, it's Chow Chow (which I've always believed them to be part bear)!

Whatever the case, I can tell you ONE thing this animal is: Something that would NEVER be welcome into my home!

But what are your thoughts? Do you believe it to be some sort of a mutt mixed breed dog, or do you think this is a bear cub that might have a few extra or missing chromosomes?