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Alabama churches are growing, and some are not. But how does a church grow in numbers? How does a church bring in visitors in the modern era?  Plus how do we keep them coming to church during the post pandemic period and with the current climate.  Here are some tips to help your church grow in Alabama and in any state.


Doctrine is critical. People must know what your church believes and stands for in this age. Knowing what you believe is an essential for those thinking of visiting your church. If you do not have your church doctrines written out, it important to post them on the church website and inside the church.


Taking photos to show the environment that your church creates during services is another way to grow your church. Pastors and members work hard to create an atmosphere that is conducive to a worship service plus it helps potential attendees need what it's like to attend a church service.

Alabama churches should include pictures of your worship service, events, and community which you help to connect your congregation to the visitors before they step into the door.


Alabama churches have to take on the new modern era with social media. Social media connects your church, members, pastors, and any potential visitors in a unique way. The church doesn't only happen on Sundays anymore; it happens daily on social media through encouragement and postings.

Use the tools that God has given your church. Be more active on social media. Alabama churches must use social media to show the world what your church is about and what God is doing with your congregation. 

Online giving is one of the easiest ways for members and nonmembers to give. You can setup a PayPal, Cash App, Zelle or other apps to pay tithes and offerings. This cuts down on forgetting cash and checkbooks at home.


Posting sermons online will also allow your congregation to remain connected when they are unable to attend services.  Being flexible with them when the go vacation, sick, work or unable to come allows them to want to stay at the church.

Get a website and post sermons and events and invite people to come. Please keep part of your website updated regularly. Churches that have old and outdated information can show disorganization and can drive new members away.  

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