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Alabama churches have faced many challenges during the pandemic and many changes have been made. However, churches, pastors and denominations will have to make important changes to stay relevant and reach the masses. If changes are not made for the future, many churches could close or decrease in membership. There are 4 trends to pay attention to in Alabama, nationwide and globally.

1. Having a Digital presence is the future.

Once the pandemic hit, it moved online ministry from an optional must have to a have-to-have! The internet and social media are now more relevant than ever, and quite honestly, the future for the church. Churches must use video, social media platforms, e-giving, audio, email and other forms to reach the masses.

I would dare say if you are not on the cutting edge of missions with a digital presence, then you are falling off and the old methods will lose their effectiveness in the coming days.

2. Good Stewardship is a Must.

When March 2020 hit, tithing and giving slowed down greatly as people stayed home and finances slowed. Many churches realized they had little to no savings or no little bookkeeping and resources.

Churches must have good secretaries, bookkeepers and good stewards who will use good financial tools to track giving. An unavoidable reality for the future of churches and ministries is the absolute requirement for accurate tracking, reporting, and leadership in financial management across the board.

3.  Ministry Isolation is not going to work.

At the start of the pandemic, it became crystal clear who was connected and who wasn't. Those connected to a community of pastors or church—through a denomination, church planting organization, association, or something similar—quickly found answers to the challenges. 3

No man is an island and do not isolate yourself from others in the body of Christ.

4. Today's challenges will not work by yesterday's methods.

As soon as the pandemic hit, many churches, pastors and ministry leaders were facing new challenges that no school or training could even prepare them for. Churches have to learn how to go digital using video to televise services, use online platforms for people to give, ordain ministers, do global missions and more.

Churches and pastors cannot go by previous knowledge but the must learn to adopt and embrace new technology and methods while still teaching and preaching the Bible.


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