Yes, that's a kangaroo swimming.

Before we go any further, let's see just how we got here.

It feels like missing kangaroos in Alabama is becoming a monthly occurrence.

Do you remember when the Winfield kangaroo went missing and the capture was caught on camera?

Winfield Police Department confirmed the capture of that missing kangaroo. They posted in a tweet, "For those interested in Jack the Kangaroo, he has been caught and is doing well."

They followed that tweet with a picture of the capture with the caption "Jack has been caught."


A social media video actually caught the kangaroo capture on video! Seeing this man run down the kangaroo and tackle it was nothing short of amazing.

Instead of a net, it ultimately took sheer manpower to bring down the kangaroo.


Earlier this year, there was a kangaroo that went missing in Cullman.


According to a post from Cullman Daily, the missing kangaroo was Jackie Leggs and it wasn't the first time he's gone missing.



Recently, Steve Shannon posted about a missing kangaroo in Alabama.

Bigham Farms posted a message on Facebook informing the public that the missing kangaroo didn't come from their farm. According to the post, it was from the Fayette county area.

It seems like the missing kangaroo has been located in the strangest place.

Lake Tuscaloosa!

Who knew kangaroos could swim?

Barstool Alabama, Instagram
Barstool Alabama, Instagram


The video of the alleged Tuscaloosa swimming kangaroo was posted Wednesday evening on Barstool Alabama's Instagram account.

The video features a location filter with Lake Tuscaloosa tagged as the location.

Take a look at the video for yourself. That is a kangaroo, right?

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