Wednesday, I received a text from Ms. Shelton at Woodland Forrest Elementary stating that the Kindergarten and 4th grade classes would be singing in the school's Veteran's Day program. I KNEW I had to be there, as my daughter and two nieces are in Kindergarten; and I have a niece in the 4th grade.

I actually took Jireh to school. So, I was quite early for the 8:30 program. But it wouldn't have made sense for me to leave and come back. So, I went to my car until 8:15 or so.  Big mistake.  I ended up on the 3rd row. *sigh* Lesson learned.

Luckily, the Kindergarten part was early in the program.

Not long after this, the 4th graders took the stage to sing.  Because I was on the 3rd row, I didn't get the best video, but I got enough to capture my niece's smiling face... Oh! And the rest of the class too.

I got up to leave as they finished, and my niece ran up and gave me the biggest hug.  It made me feel great to just be there.  Not only did I attend, but so did my sister-in-law, my sister, a niece (two of the girls' baby sister), my aunt, and my grandmother!

Jireh asked me before the start of the program if I would eat lunch with her, and I told her I would.  Now, I'd heard all kinds of horrific stories about school lunches.  So, I was fully prepared to pack a lunch, but I checked the menu, which said they'd be eating jambalaya. I tossed that around in my mind for at least an hour. "Do I take a chance on school jambalaya?"  I decided to give it a try because at least I'd get to experience the food rather than go on hearsay.


Because Jireh's class was seated in the table next to my niece Moriah's class in the cafeteria, I asked their teachers if we could all sit together.



Baaaaaaby, when I tell you that food was SO GOOD!!! It was so good I had to go into the area where it was being served and tell the cafeteria manager. The jambalaya was good.  The corn was buttery.  The broccoli wasn't mush.  It was just good! I asked if I could take a picture with them, and the manager told me to take a picture of the food as well as the staff!


I also came to understand why my child comes home famished.  First of all, she wasn't going to even taste the jambalaya because she didn't like the way it looked and others around her said they didn't like it.  Also, they ate lunch at 10:50.  They do have an afternoon snack; but by the time she comes home, she's ready for dinner rather than another snack.

All in all, it was a good day!  I was happy to be there to support the girls and was extremely happy to have so much of my family there. And I think I'll be eating lunch with Jireh more often.



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