Why Me?

Recently I read (Psalms 131), one of my favorite psalm. In the past, I looked at this book as an encouragement to understand that mystery is one of the hallmarks of God's character. This book actually challenged me to let my mind be at rest, since I am unable to understand all that God is doing in this universe. However,it was revealed to me another side of David's calm spirit: I am unable to understand everything that God is doing in me, and it is utterly impossible to try. David drew a comparison between a weaned child that no longer frets for what is once demanded, and a soul that has learned the same lesson. It is a call to learn humility, patient endurance, and contentment in all our circumstances, whatever they may be, although we do not understand God's reasons. Divine logic is beyond the reach of our mind.

You ask, "Why this affliction"? Why this anguish"? The Father answers, "Hush, child. You wouldn't understand if I explained it you. Just trust Me!" (Deuteronomy 29:29). You should turn from contemplating David's example to ask oneself: Can I, in my circumstances, "hope in the Lord"? (Psalms 131:3). Can one wait in faith and patience without being frustrated and without questing God's wisdom? Can one trust Him while He works in me. His good, acceptable , and perfect will? It may not be for us to see the meaning and the mystery of all that God has planned for us. In a world of mystery, it's a comfort to know the God who knows all things and sees all things.

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