The Alabama Department of Public Health confirmed over 1,000 new cases of the novel Coronavirus in a single day. Are we doing enough to stop the virus from spreading? Why does it seem as though no one is taking this seriously?

25,235 cases confirmed statewide.

1,291 confirmed cases in Tuscaloosa this weekend.

I read an article this morning about doctors in Montgomery pleading with the public to wear masks as their hospitals are at capacity. I saw a post in the West Alabama COVID-19 Information Group on Facebook in which DCH's Andy North said the health system is planning to convert conference rooms and pre/post op staging areas into extra patient rooms.


People aren't wearing masks. People aren't practicing social distancing. People are packing out beaches and swimming holes as if there were no chance they'd ever contact COVID-19. People are acting as though everything has returned to normal while we see record numbers of cases of the virus confirmed every day.

I don't share this information to frighten you or to sound like an alarmist. I just want to ensure that my friends and family stay healthy, but when I speak out, people tell me I'm spreading "fake news" and media hype. I can assure you this is not the case. I simply want people to take this seriously so it can finally end.

I am not perfect. I've been shopping without a mask, and I felt extremely guilty for it. I try to do what I can to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, not just for myself but for the people I love. What if I were to get the virus and unknowingly spread it to an immunocompromised friend? What if I spread it to my grandmother?

I just want y'all to stay safe. Wear a mask. Wash your hands, and be responsible. Your life could literally depend on it.

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