Get caught speeding, and you get a ticket.  Texting while driving? Ticket. No seat belt? Ticket.  No signal before turning or changing lanes? Awwww... It's ok.

Is there a guide on which traffic laws are enforceable and which ones aren't? Why even make a law if it's not going to be enforced? Yes, I may have a slight case of road rage. If so, it is definitely with reason.I, like most of the drivers I know, had to pass both a written exam as well as a driving test to receive my license.  I also took Driver's Ed when I was of age to get my permit, although I'd been driving since I was 12. It bothers me to have gone through studying particular laws as well as WHY they were implemented only to see them neglected without punishment every day.

For instance, (and maybe I need help for this) I literally feel my face warm with anger when I'm waiting to turn left, and there is a car approaching me from the left, but it turns right just short of where I'm sitting. If the stupid driver had just indicated his intent to turn, I could have been gone.  Instead, I'm sitting and waiting.  To me, that indicates wasted time. I HATE wasting time! Time is a commodity that can be redeemed but not recovered. So, yes, sitting still unnecessarily for even a matter of seconds when I need to be moving upsets me.  I see it as disrespectful of my time.

That might be the reason I'm also disturbed by those who impede the flow of traffic by driving in the left lane without passing anybody. This article describes the physics behind the law and how left-lane slowpokes are hazardous. Few things are more aggravating than driving up on two or more vehicles (depending on the number of lanes) moving side by side at the same speed.  Not only is it discourteous of those wishing to pass, but it's hazardous to both of those vehicles.  If either happens to have a blowout or any other issue that causes a vehicle to swerve, both vehicles and their occupants could be severely damaged and injured.  Granted, the person driving in the left lane may be doing the speed limit. It's still not this driver's responsibility to police the highway by impeding the flow of traffic. Let the speeders by, to be stopped by traffic cops if they want to place themselves at risk.

People think it's funny when I say this, but I am one of the safest speeders I know. I only speed on the roadways that I travel often and just know or those where I can see ahead for miles. I ALWAYS use my turn signals, keep a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of me unless I'm passing, and rely on geometrical knowledge and physics in decision-making while driving.  I don't think it's fair to be given a ticket for speeding when those who break other traffic laws aren't given citations. What do you think?