Why Are You Not Wearing A Mask/Face Covering?

There are many reasons Americans cite for not wanting to wear masks. Some view mask mandates as an attack against their freedom; some feel that masks make them look weak; some, incorrectly, believe masks will cut off their oxygen supply; and some simply find masks uncomfortable. Underlying these arguments is the strong sense of being an individual. This individualism is partially the reason that the United States is one of the few developed countries without a universal health care system.

I become outraged when I see people not wearing a mask. Covid-19 is a vicious virus that can only be stopped if everyone does their part. You should not expect yourself to be the only exception. Trust in government is another factor that can affect compliance with public health measures like mask-wearing. In a study of the Ebola outbreak, researchers in Liberia discovered that the disease spread more rapidly and for a longer period of time because of people not having faith in the government. Individuals with lower trust in their government are less likely to follow safety measures.

In January, before COVID-19 became widespread, surveys from around the world indicated that just 44 percent of Americans said they trusted the government to take care of their health. Italy recorded a low 52 percent. However, some 80 percent of Chinese indicated that they trusted the government, and 65 percent of Koreans felt the same way. In late March the same surveys observed that countries with lower levels of trust were not responding as well to the virus. Why Are You Not Wearing A Mask/Face Covering??

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