The most challenging aspect of any college football game day experience is trying to get into campus and find a parking spot that won't cost you an arm and a leg. 

While you won't find many free parking spots on campus at The University of Alabama, fans still have some options that allow you to walk or take a shuttle to Bryant-Denny Stadium. The university has a very detailed website with game day information, including parking, so utilize that to help make your planning easier.

If you don't mind paying for parking, there are all kind of front yard, backyard, driveway, and alleyway parking within a few blocks of the stadium, but prices usually range between $20-50. You can also park at many different areas of campus for $20-30 per game. That information can be found here.

But we want to give you the best options for free parking at an Alabama home game. As you'd expect, the earlier you get to campus, the better. But once you get within two hours of kickoff, it's extremely congested within a couple of miles of the stadium.

Here are the places we'd suggest looking when you arrive.

  • Along the streets

    Depending on how early you head to campus for the game, you might be able to find some parking along the street. Don't plan for anything in or around the Strip, but you can have some luck the closer you get to downtown Tuscaloosa. Drive on the streets between University Blvd and Paul W. Bryant Drive and you might find an empty spot.

    If you are unsure about where you can and can't park, this message from the city and Tuscaloosa Police lists the common violations they see on game days.

  • Downtown Intermodal Facility

    This parking deck has over 400 spaces and is located on 7th St. between 23rd and 21st Avenue, just behind City Hall, between University Blvd and Bryant Dr. It's close enough to walk (about a mile to the stadium) but you also have the option of catching a bus to campus for $1. This is also a prime position to enjoying food and drinks before or after the game.

  • University Mall

    At the southeast corner of McFarland Blvd and 15th Street, University Mall has a huge parking lot to handle Alabama game days. It's free to park but you'll need to find a ride to the stadium because it's about a 30 minute walk. Conveniently, there is a shuttle that can take you to and from the stadium for $10 round trip.