How much would you pay to park?

An unknown buyer in Boston has coughed up a staggering $560,000 for a pair of parking spaces.

Bidding started at (in hindsight) a rock-bottom price of $42,000 for the spots, which had been seized by the IRS from a man who owed $600,000 in back taxes.

If you’re wondering if the spaces were so expensive because they’re lined with gold and sprout chocolate rainbows, we hate to disappoint you. The spots are located behind 298 Commonwealth Avenue in an area of the city where parking is more difficult to find than a Yankees fan.

Two neighbors got into a bidding war for the spot, which soared to the final price in only 15 minutes. Just down the road is another spot, which went for a robust $300,000 four years ago – that’s the record for one space. Another set of tandem spots on Commonwealth Avenue went for $200,000 last summer, which, by comparison, sounds like a real bargain.