You know Townsquare Media (our parent company) is all about keeping things local. So, we've been on a mission to support the community that supports us. For some reason, one area where that is extremely easy is local restaurants.  Today, we made an order at Northport Wings and Things!

With so many good-sounding items on the menu, it was hard to decide what to order. So, we asked them to give us a "sampler." It was suggested that we get the polish sausage, catfish, and wings.

Each of us decided what we wanted to claim as our own while offering samples to the others. Monique, who likes neither ground beef (which covered the polish) nor "hot" food quickly opted for the fish. DJ Twyst grabbed the wings, and I was left with the polish sausage. (*whispering* I was trying to be gracious, but I REALLY wanted that polish for myself. Ain't God good?)

Monique said her food was good. She said her chicken had bones in it, but it wasn't that big of a problem. She just wished she'd known before she swallowed a bone. (I'm tickled.) She also tasted a wing and said it was better than she expected. DJ Twyst, who actually chose the wings said he'd had them before, which was why he chose them again, and he wasn't disappointed.

Now, this polish.... When I say GOOD... It was good! I couldn't eat all of it, though.  I shared some with Twyst. He said it was good as well. I secretly think he's planning to order it the next time he visits. (And yes, I whispered that part too, in case you're wondering.)


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