What's Alabama's Most Popular Drink? The Answer Might Shock You

It's a typical afternoon and you're having lunch in Alabama. What's your drink of choice?

For me, the answer may differ. I fluctuate with my moods and some days I'll drink something completely random. Most likely, I'm drinking sweet tea, lemonade, or some kind of juice. I rarely drink sodas but one day I just might decide to have a mountain dew.

Since moving to Alabama, I've noticed a certain soda everyone loves! I can never go to a function and not find at least half of the people drinking it. So while researching this answer, I thought I already knew what the most popular drink in Alabama was going to be.

It turns out, was completely wrong! According to Alot.com, the most popular drink in Alabama is Dr. Pepper. Wow! I never even had that in my choices.

In case you're wondering, I found out what the most popular drinks in some of our neighboring states are as well. Louisiana had Sprite as their top choice. Georgia and South Carolina's top drink was one I haven't seen in awhile, Nehi.

Mississippi chose Sunkist as their favorite drink. Tennessee kept it nice and simple. They didn't have a specific brand like us other states. They prefer lemonade over anything. I'd guess they keep it simple and prefer homemade lemonade as well.

do you think this properly captured Alabama's favorite drink choice? What do you prefer to drink? Let me know on Instagram @BigDawgDreDay. 

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